Search for a guide for your next hunting of fishing trip. Huntfind is an internet company created for the sole purpose of linking sportsmen to hunting and fishing locations nationwide.  Our aim is to be the most comprehensive guide and hunting lease sight available to sportsmen.  

We offer a state by state listing of guided hunting and a fishing trips, as well as hunting and fishing leases available.   We do not actually provide the hunts or guiding services, we try to stay out of the middle and let you work directly with the guides that list on our site at no charge to you. There are three basic areas to our site that you will want to make sure you explore:

Hunting and Fishing Guides and Outfitters Guides and Outfitters
This section is designed to give you a comprehensive description of outfitters nationwide.   Outfitters are categorized by state. This area lists everything from specialized Wyoming Elk guides to deep sea fishing off the coast of Florida.  Our site will provide you with the information you need such as qualifications of the professional guide, type of game, seasons, and accommodations.   In addition you will find the needed information to contact the guide or outfitter to get additional questions answered.

Land Leases
This sections provides you with a descriptive look at land available to be leased nationwide.  Here we have worked to give you as much information possible to help narrow down what you are looking for in a lease.  Detailed information such as layout of the land, game available, game seasons, cost, and location of the property are available.  Some landowners also include pictures of the land as well as maps. Hunting and fishing land leaseas

Advertising Options
We have a number of advertising packages that we can provide you.  Advertising with is easy to do and nowhere will you find a better value for your dollar. Our entry level advertisement is $40 per year. We also have very affordable packages for as little as $55 a year which includes name and address information plus, type of hunt, game available, hunting seasons, and a little about your history.  As you can see, this is much more information than allowed in a typical newspaper or magazine ad and at a fraction of the price.  We also specialize in web page design for outdoor guides.

Hunting and Fishing discussion board

If you are looking for a hunting lease or outfitter in a certain state for a specific type of game and are unable to find a listing in our Leases Available or Guide Services section, you can post your need on our Message Board.  This area functions much like a local newspaper want ad.    Once the information is in our database, guides and landowners will be able to respond to your need if they have what you are looking for.  Just click on the Message board link and post your information.

It is Our Mission is to benefit you the sportsmen by providing efficient access to the hunting and fishing information you need.  If at any time you have suggestions or comments, please email us at, or call us at (918) 269-3714

We appreciate your visit to our site.