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Pheasant hunting in Michigan - Ben's First Trip. 8-year-old Ben Badofsky (pictured here with his dad, Eric), showing off the results of his very first ringneck pheasant hunt (Three Oaks, Michigan 11/10/01).  
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Kansas buck shot with Wolfriver Outfitters.
185 0/8 Buck shot in Kansas with
Wolf River Outfitters.
  Wyoming Elk Shoot with John Henry Lee Outfitters.
A good Yellowstone Migration Hunt in Wyoming with John Henry Lee Outfitters.

Philipp S. and my 1st Oryx
I took this Bull in the Northern parts of South Africa while hunting Bushpigs and Impala with a bow.Rifle was a .303, the Staffie picked up the scent of the the downed Oryx in the thick Bushveld enabling me to find him late the same afternoon he was shot.
  Moose shot with C-4 Outfitters in Wyoming
#27 SCI Moose shot in Wyoming with
C-4 Outfitters

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