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South Dakota deer hunting with Legrand Hunt.

Deer Hunting Trips in South Dakota

We are a small South Dakota hunting guide operation as we take a limited number of hunters to ensure that you have the best South Dakota Deer Hunting trip possible.

We reserve 1 section of our hunting ground to be used for only deer hunting; so our deer do not receive extra pressure from our pheasant hunters. On this 640 acres we have one of our tree groves that is for deer hunting only.

The years of limited hunting, plus the fact that we have planted many wild life food plots in key locations around the ranch to attract and to hold deer helps us give you a quality South Dakota deer hunting experience
Whitetail deer hunting in South Dakota with Legrand Hunt
Whitetail deer hunting with Legrand Hunt in South Dakota. OurWhitetail deer hunting takes place on local farm ground. We have food plots planted throughout our deer hunting section to draw the deer in. We also provide hunting stands set up in good traffic areas to help get you in front of some nice Whitetail Deer.

If you want to test your skill at deer hunting, give us a call and we will get you set up for an excellent bow hunting trip.

Archery Deer Hunting Packages

Full Service
    Cost = $250 per day
There is a one time fee, if you get a deer, of :
                 $50   for Does
                 $150 for P & Y Bucks
                 $200 for Smaller Bucks

South Dakota Deer Hunting Dates

As most deer hunters know, South Dakota produces some great Trophy Whitetail Deer.  Book a trip now and you will have the opportunity to harvest one of these South Dakota trophy deer on your next South Dakota Deer Hunting trip.
    Package Includes
  • All Lodging and Meals
  • Top Hunting Guides
  • Transportation during hunt
    * Non-Smoking Environment
We also have a package without Lodging:
Cost = $150 per day
We only sell a limited number of deer hunting trips each year.  You need to Book Early to hold your hunting spot.
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